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This PER Sports Website introduces a new method of Sports Analysis, for the sports of Baseball, Basketball,  Football and Soccer. This website also provides critical commentaries and insights on important topics affecting the sports world, and thoughts on how to fix some of the larger issues.

What is the Performance Efficiency Rating (PER) System?

PER stands for Performance Efficiency Rating, and covers the sports world with intuitive analysis of all players and teams. It then ranks them to determine the best current players within the pro and college games, and the all-time greatest players in the history of each sport. Read more...


Rethinking the Relegation & Promotion Structure in European Soccer

European Soccer has a rather unique Relegation & Promotion Structure that is very different from all North American professional leagues. In the European Soccer tradition teams that finish at the bottom of their respective leagues are relegated to the next lower division with their spots assumed by teams from the lower division with the best performance. r>
Despite the obvious benefits there are some major drawbacks to this system. What are they and how do we fix them. Read more...


What’s wrong with the OPS analysis in baseball

In recent years the OPS ratio in Baseball (On-Base Plus Slugging Percentage) has gained widespread acceptance as an analytical tool in evaluating a player’s skills. However, OPS has major flaws which limits its effectiveness as an analytical tool.
Read more on the limitations of the OPS stats.

Ranking the NBA's fifty greatest players

In the summer of 1996 the NBA commissioned the nation’s most eminent and revered sports journalists and historians to determine the fifty greatest players of all time. That great commission was intended to identify not just the most skillful player, but also the player with the most heart, courage and determination to win. The player with the greatest leadership qualities, and also the ability to singlehandedly take on an opponent if all other elements of his team are non-performing. However, having chosen the top fifty which of them can lay claim to the crown as the greatest player to ever play in the NBA. Read more here...

Does the NFL's first-round playoff bye benefit the top teams?

After the Green Bay Packers lost to the New York Giants in the 2011 NFC Divisional Round we are once again left to ask that all-important question, does the first-round playoff bye benefit the NFL's top teams? Read more...


Critiquing the Playoff Selection process in  US Pro Sports

During the NFL’s 2007 regular season the Cleveland Browns shocked everyone (except maybe themselves) by winning 10 games, the highest single-season victory total for the ‘new’ Cleveland Browns franchise that was established under Al Lerner in 1999, and the most for a Browns team since 1994. However, for all that accomplishment the Browns narrowly missed making the play-offs from the AFC. Nevertheless, another team that had fewer wins than them – the Washington Redskins – managed to make the playoffs despite winning only 9 games. Is this fair and should it be allowed to continue? Click here to read more...  


Proposing a workable College Football Playoff System

We have lived through over a decade of the highs and lows of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and while it has left us with some great memories it has also caused us some grave consternations. Now after 14 years the time is right for introducing a playoff system in College Football. Exactly how could it be implemented, while preserving the sanctity of the Bowls has been a questions for some time. Now, finally, we have a proposal that could please everyone, from the Bowl purists to the ardent playoff crusaders. Read more here...


The Limitations of the Quarterback Rating System

The QB rating system has been rising in prominence in its ability to evaluate a quarterback’s
on-field performance. However, it has also produced some very questionable results when comparing career performances. Read more on the limitations of the QB passer rating system

Time for a new ‘Super’ League in European Soccer

The UEFA Champions League has been a very exciting tournament in recent times, and fast becoming a premier soccer competition around the globe. However, can it be strengthened even further and eventually surpass the World Cup as the grandest of all soccer competitions. The answer in a nutshell is yes, and this article lays out a blueprint to achieving that. Read more...

How the Big East could restore its football credentials

Since the departure of Boston College, the University of Miami and Virginia Tech from the Big East the football conference has languished in a sub-standard existence. In order to revive the fortunes of this once-great conference we propose a possible realignment also involving the Big Ten conference. Read more ...


A Critique of the Amateur Player Draft in Professional Sports

Sam Bowie in his Kentucky playing days, widely regarded as the biggest bust in NBA Draft history.

Professional sports in America today is almost unthinkable without the annual rituals known as the Draft. The NFL's version of the annual College beauty pageant, replete with its talent shows and evening gown attire, is such a spectacular event that it consumes over two days of primetime viewing and many more months of pre-draft festivities. Meanwhile the NBA's version is no less compelling, if only slightly less grandiose, despite its measly 4 and a half hour length. However, where did this concept come from, and is it good for the modern games. Read more here...


PER Sports has published a book entitled Heroes of the Hardcourt, which introduces a sophisticated way of evaluating  basket-ball performance and

objectively ranks the 100 greatest players in the history of professional basketball.

This PER Sports concept has   proven effective at measuring the top players in the history of the game, the top players in the game today, and the top Draft prospects. In short, it can assess the past, present and future stars in the game of basketball. This is a phenomenal book by PER Sports and it is sure to change the way the game of basketball is evaluated going forward. To pick up your copy be sure to visit any of the following: The publisher Authorhouse, Amazon's website,  Barnes and Noble's website, or wherever books are sold