Time to fix College Football's flawed Championship Structure (again)

In a recent college football match the world was treated to another very scintillating game in which then unranked Rutgers University outlasted then #2 ranked University of South Florida 30-27 to knock the USF Bulls from the ranks of the undefeated and once again send a powerful jolt across the landscape of College Football. With just eight weeks of football completed the number of undefeated teams have now withered down to a measly five. The last time only five undefeated teams remained after the week 8 schedule of games (back in 2003) none went on to finish the season undefeated. Will the 2007 season go down as another similarly wild affair, and another wasted opportunity for College Football to fix its very broken Bowl Championship structure? Read More


A Big East – Big Ten Football Conference Realignment Proposal

In the mid to late 1990’s Major League Baseball and its insightful commissioner Bud Selig toyed with the idea of realigning baseball’s aging Division structure. What existed were some obsolete league arrangements juxtaposed next to some long-standing competitive rivalries among select teams.  This proposal, however, fell apart at the seams. It was clear that although Major League Baseball’s intentions were grand the league nevertheless underestimated the premium which many fans and teams placed on many of these long-established competitive relationships.

Not so in the College Football landscape where, except for a few entrenched rivalries among the few storied and established programs, teams are not heavily wedded to many predetermined non-conference arrangements. The time may therefore be ripe for realigning some football conferences, chief among them the Big East and the Big ten. Read more
A Critique of the Amateur Player Draft in Professional Sports

Professional sports in America today is almost unthinkable without the annual rituals known as the Draft. The NFL's version of the annual College beauty pageant, replete with its talent shows and evening gown attire, is such a spectacular event that it consumes over two days of primetime viewing and many more months of pre-draft festivities. Meanwhile the NBA's version is no less compelling, if only slightly less grandiose, despite its measly 4 and a half hour length. However, where did this concept come from, and is it good for the modern games. Read more here...