2007 MVP Analysis using the PER Sports Analysis

Rank Player dot_clear,dot_clear
Position MVP Analysis
1 Tom Brady New England Patriots QB 126.9
2 Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys QB 113.6
3 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers QB 109.4
4 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts QB 108.1
5 Randy Moss New England Patriots WR 107.9
6 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers QB 106.2
7 David Garrard Jacksonville Jaguars QB 100.8
8 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings RB 100.0
9 Terrell Owens Dallas Cowboys WR dot_clear,dot_clear,dot_clear,dot_clear
10 Matt Hasselbeck Seattle Seahawks QB 96.5
11 Jay Cutler Denver Broncos QB 96.3
12 LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers RB 96.2
13 Braylon Edwards Cleveland Browns WR 94.7
14 Derek Anderson Cleveland Browns QB 94.6
15 Kurt Warner Arizona Cardinals QB 94.5
16 Jeff Garcia Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB 93.7
17 Donovan McNabb Philadelphia Eagles QB 92.5
18 Greg Jennings Green Bay Packers WR 92.3
19 Carson Palmer Cincinnati Bengals QB 91.7
20 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints QB 91.0
21 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers QB 90.9
22 Marion Barber Dallas Cowboys RB 90.9
23 Brian Westbrook Philadelphia Eagles RB 89.8
24 Jon Kitna Detroit Lions QB 89.3
25 Fred Taylor Jacksonville Jaguars RB dot_clear,dot_clear,dot_clear,dot_clear,dot_clear,dot_clear,dot_clear,dot_clear
26 Vince Young Tennessee Titans QB 88.8
27 Matt Schaub Houston Texans QB 88.1
28 Ryan Grant Green Bay Packers RB 87.3
29 Joseph Addai Indianapolis Colts RB 85.4
30 Eli Manning New York Giants QB 83.3
31 Jamal Lewis Cleveland Browns RB 83.1
32 Jason Campbell Washington Redskins QB 83.1
33 Chester Taylor Minnesota Vikings RB 82.3
34 Plaxico Burress New York Giants WR 81.6
35 Santonio Holmes Pittsburgh Steelers WR 81.5
36 Sage Rosenfels Houston Texans QB 81.0
37 Maurice Jones-Drew Jacksonville Jaguars RB 80.7
38 Tarvaris Jackson Minnesota Vikings QB 79.4
39 Brandon Jacobs New York Giants RB 79.2
40 Chad Pennington New York Jets QB 78.7
41 Laurence Maroney New England Patriots RB 78.6
42 Reggie Wayne Indianapolis Colts WR 78.3
43 Joey Galloway Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR 76.9
44 Damon Huard Kansas City Chiefs QB 76.3
45 Brian Griese Chicago Bears QB 75.6
46 Clinton Portis Washington Redskins RB 75.2
47 Joey Harrington Atlanta Falcons QB 74.9
48 Chad Johnson Cincinnati Bengals WR 73.8
49 Earnest Graham Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB 73.1
50 Kyle Boller Baltimore Ravens QB 72.8


PER Sports NFL Analysis

The PER system objectively evaluates the
performance at the three skill positions of
quarterback, running-back, and wide

The PER Sports analysis evaluates football performance on multiple dimensions.

For Quarterbacks it measures their efficiency at passing and rushing the football (with a score of 100 in each category being an outstanding performer).

Running-backs are evaluated on their rushing and receiving abilities.

Similarly, Receivers are evaluated based on their ability to run and catch the football.

The passing stats includes completion percentage, yards per attempt, passing Touchdowns, and penalizes for Interceptions and Fumbles lost. Whereas the rushing analysis considers yards per rush, rushing TDs and penalizes for rushing fumbles. Likewise, the receiving analysis yards per catch, receiving TDs and penalizes for  fumbles lost.

The Most Valuable Player Efficiency Rating (MVPER) Analysis measures the top over-all performer, and most likely MVP throughout the regular season.

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