2007 Receivers Analysis using the PER Sports Analysis

NAME Team Position Reception PER Rank
Randy Moss NWE WR 117.2 1
Terrell Owens DAL WR 110.9 2
Braylon Edwards CLE WR 110.6 3
Greg Jennings GNB WR 107.0 4
Santonio Holmes PIT WR 97.4 5
Plaxico Burress NYG WR 95.2 6
Reggie Williams JAC WR 94.3 7
Joey Galloway TAM WR 91.5 8
Chad Johnson CIN WR 89.5 9
Reggie Wayne IND WR 88.2 10
Larry Fitzgerald ARI WR 86.5 11
Nate Burleson SEA WR 83.4 12
Andre Johnson HOU WR 81.3 13
Roddy White ATL WR 80.5 14
Jerry Porter OAK WR 80.1 15
Kevin Curtis PHI WR 79.7 16
Marques Colston NOR WR 79.0 17
Lee Evans BUF WR 78.1 18
Anquan Boldin ARI WR 76.1 19
Dwayne Bowe KAN WR 75.7 20
Patrick Crayton DAL WR 75.5 21
Chris Chambers MIA WR 74.7 22
Brandon Stokley DEN WR 74.6 23
Brandon Marshall DEN WR 74.5 24
Calvin Johnson DET WR 74.3 25
Torry Holt STL WR 73.7 26
Bernard Berrian CHI WR 71.0 27
Roy Williams DET WR 70.9 28
David Patten NOR WR 69.0 29
Bobby Engram SEA WR 68.8 30


PER Sports NFL Analysis

The PER system objectively evaluates the
performance at the three skill positions of
quarterback, running-back, and wide

The PER Sports analysis evaluates football performance on multiple dimensions.

For Quarterbacks it measures their efficiency at passing and rushing the football (with a score of 100 in each category being an outstanding performer).

Running-backs are evaluated on their rushing and receiving abilities.

Similarly, Receivers are evaluated based on their ability to run and catch the football.

The passing stats includes completion percentage, yards per attempt, passing Touchdowns, and penalizes for Interceptions and Fumbles lost. Whereas the rushing analysis considers yards per rush, rushing TDs and penalizes for rushing fumbles. Likewise, the receiving analysis yards per catch, receiving TDs and penalizes for  fumbles lost.

The Most Valuable Player Efficiency Rating (MVPER) Analysis measures the top over-all performer, and most likely MVP throughout the regular season.

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