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Heroes of the Hardcourt
Between November 1, 1946, when the first NBA game was played in Toronto between the New York Knickerbockers and the Toronto Huskies, and game seven of the 2005 NBA Finals in which the San Antonio Spurs out-muscled the Detroit Pistons for the champion-ship, precisely 3,572 players have suited up for a basketball game in the long and storied histories of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and American Basketball Association (ABA). Each of these players has an incredible tale to tell of their accomplishments, triumphs and struggles.

All 3,572 players were evaluated using the PER methodology that was developed by the
author. In the end however, only the stories of
the top 100 are presented here. The top 100
will surprise many since only 44 of the NBA’s
50 greatest players from 1996 are actually on
this elite list, and a few are much lower ranked than you would think. In addition, the list also contains a number of players who perfected their craft during the 1950s when media attention on the game was sparse, to the incredible talents that existed within the ABA during the 1960’s and 70’s.

This book will cause you to rethink your own
top 50 greatest players; and the top 10
players, let’s just say it’s sure to raise a few
eyebrows. As to the overall greatest player in
pro basketball history … why don’t we let you read it to find out.