Baseball Performance Efficiency Rating
The Baseball Performance Efficiency Rating (PER) system evaluates hitter's and pitcher's performance relative to plate appearances and innings pitched respectively.

The PER Hitting Analysis
For Hitters, the concept of a Batting PER develops and measures a player's Run Contribution Average and Earned Base Average. Accordingly, I've developed the following concepts of Run Contribution Average, Total Earned Bases, and Earned Base Average to complement the Batting Efficiency Rating.

Run Contribution Average (RCA ) comprises Total Runs Scored plus Runs Batted In, less total Home Runs. This is all divided by Total Plate Appearances. An RCA of 0.250 or higher indicates a good run producer, while an average of at least 0.300 indicates a hitter is an efficient run producer.

The Earned Bases Average (EBA) comprises Total Earned Bases (Total Bases plus total Bases on Balls, and total Stolen Bases produced by the Hitter) divided by total plate appearances and total steal attempts. This is the single most important statistic of a hitter since it measures all facets of his performance: hits (measured by total bases), walks drawn, and stolen bases, and compares it against every time he is at the plate or attempts a steal. His overall baseball skills is therefore assessed, and a true measure of his greatness is established. An EBA of greater than .600 indicates a great batsman and base runner, while a .700 or higher EBA indicates a premier batsman and all-time great Hitter.

The concepts of Run Contribution Average and Earned Bases Average are then combined in a very intuitive formula (and
adjusted for total plate appearances) to determine his Batting Efficiency Rating. As such, this is the single best measure of a baseball player's overall hitting performance since it measures his average, power, speed and run production, all combined in one statistic.

Interpreting the PER Hitting Score
A score of 100 or greater is considered an extraordinary performance (in the top 1 % of the entire league)
  A score between 90 and 100 is considered a superior performance (top 5%)
 A score between 80 and 90 is considered above-average performance
  A score of about 70 is an average performance within the league
  A score below 70 is below-average performance
  A score below 60 is considered a significant under-performer


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