Ranking the NBA's fifty greatest players of all-time

In the summer of 1996 the NBA commissioned the nation’s most eminent and revered sports journalists and historians to determine the fifty greatest players of all time. That great commission was intended to identify not just the most skillful player, but also the player with the most heart, courage and determination to win. The player with the greatest leadership qualities, and also the ability to singlehandedly take on an opponent if all other elements of his team are non-performing. However, having chosen the top fifty which of them are the greatest player to ever play in the NBA. Read more here...

PER Sports issues its 2008 end-of-season NBA awards


Source: NBA.com

At the close of the NBA's regular season we hand out our awards for League MVP, Top Individual Player, Top Offensive Player, Top Defensive Player and Rookie of the Year. Where will Kobe Bryant finish in the MVP race?
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Will Wilt Chamberlain Be Denied Number 3, Again?
In 1973 as he took the floor of the celebrated Los Angeles Forum to compete in his sixth and final NBA Finals Wilt Chamberlain had a funny feeling in the depths of his stomach. He had come through the golden decade of the ‘60’s as undoubtedly the greatest offensive player professional basketball has ever seen, only to be turned back time and again (7 times in fact) by Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics. And if Russell’s insurmountable dominance wasn’t challenging enough, he now had to deal with a determined Knickerbocker by the name of Willis Reed after Russell’s retirement.

Because the 1973 Finals was going to be his last in the NBA Wilt wanted to augment his two NBA championships and bow out as the champion he always knew he was. But in a stark reversal of fortunes of the ‘72 championship series his Lakers team was emphatically brushed aside four games to one by the Knicks, and so ended his dreams of a third NBA ring. Wilt was denied number 3 the first time around. Read more...

Revolutionary New Basketball Analysis

The Basketball Performance Efficiency Rating (PER) system evaluates players in nine statistical categories: points scored, rebounds collected, assists distributed, steals, blocks, turnovers, two-point shooting percentage, three-point shooting percentage, and free throw percentage.

The nine categories are then appropriately weighted to reflect their overall contribution to basketball success.


Top Performers for the 2007/08 regular season (Through all games)
Individual Performance
Rank Players Team PER
1 LeBron James CLE 112.82
2 Chris Paul NOH 111.22
3 Amare Stoudemire PHX 109.14
4 Kobe Bryant LAL 106.18
5 Steve Nash PHX 104.25
LeBron James led the individual PER analysis as the best individual talent within the NBA.
Overall MVP Performance
Rank Players Team MVPER
1 Chris Paul NOH 170.90
2 Amare Stoudemire PHX 165.56
3 Kobe Bryant LAL 165.22
4 LeBron James CLE 162.36
5 Steve Nash PHX 159.51
Chris Paul came on strong to lead the MVP analysis after leading his team to the second-best record in the Western Conference, and ranking second in the individual performance analysis.

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