The Limitations of the QB rating System
In 2007 Tom Brady set an NFL record with 50 touch-downs, and led the league with a QB rating of 117.2. This was the second-highest single-season score of all-time.

The QB rating system has apparently been rising in prominence in its ability to evaluate a quarterback’s performance on the field. However, it has also produced some very questionable results when comparing career performances. Read more on the limitations of the QB passer rating system.



Does the NFL's first-round playoff bye benefit the top teams?

After the Green Bay Packers lost to the New York Giants in the 2011 NFC Divisional Round we are once again left to ask that all-important question, does the first-round playoff bye benefit the NFL's top teams? Read more...


Giants defeat Patriots (again) to win Super Bowl XLVI by a 21-17 score

INDIANAPOLIS (AP)—Tom Brady let his final pass fly toward the scrum of players in the end zone, hoping for an incredible finish.

Uh-uh, Tom. Not in this city, and not in this game.

Indianapolis is a Manning town, whether it’s Peyton or Eli pulling out the wins. And the Super Bowl is suddenly the province of the New York Giants, who have figured out how to topple Brady and the New England Patriots in the biggest moments. Click here to read more.

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Other Football Notes

Tom Brady is the 2007 PER Sports MVP of the Regular Season
After a sensational season in which he threw for 50 touch-downs and led his team to a perfect 16-0 record, Tom Brady is the best player within the league in 2007. His MVPER score of 127 is the highest in the league by a mile. He also received 49 of 50 first-place votes for a near unanimous selection. Click here to see the complete 2007 analysis.

LT was the 'legitimate' MVP of the 2006 regular season

The PER Sports Analysis confirms that LaDainian Tomlinson was the egitimate MVP during the NFL's 2006 regular season. LT, with an MVPER score of 117, beat out the likes of top QBs Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers and Drew Brees to win his first such award. See the complete 2006 analysis.

The PER Football MVP Analysis combines solid individual performance with the number of team wins contributed to in order to determine the best player in the league. To see the complete analysis click here.