Rethinking the Relegation & Promotion Structure in Europe
European Soccer has a rather unique Relegation & Promotion Structure that is very different from all North American professional leagues. In the European Soccer tradition teams that finish at the bottom of their respective leagues are relegated to the next lower division with their spots assumed by teams from the lower division with the best performance.

Despite the obvious benefits there are some major drawbacks to this system. What are they and how do we fix them. Read more


Time for a new ‘Super’ League in European Soccer
February 16, 2008

The English Premier League’s unveiling of a new proposal to play a 39th game overseas was met with considerable hostility this past week. This was because it would unleash a number of unnecessary precedents within the Soccer world. For starters, many fear that English teams playing a competitive match on foreign soil would do little for the development or promotion of the game in these foreign countries. And, it was felt that adding an extra game to the schedule would create a disparity within the English game as some teams would end up playing a more difficult opponent for their 39th game, whereas others would face a much easier opponent. Evaluating league champions or relegation teams under these scenarios could therefore be significantly hampered, especially during close affairs. But, is there something behind the proposal that may be interesting for the game. Read More


Top Soccer League in Europe
With the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup group stages just completed it is time to once again ask the all important question, which soccer league in Europe is the toughest league to play in? Read more...


UEFA Game Schedule

Champion's League
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UEFA Cup Finals match
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